Paper Works

This body of work deals with the beauty, strength/fragility and manipulation of paper. Using photographs, primarily of paper: it’s creation in the swirling vats, a master craftsperson’s hands layering it’s lush surfaces, torn and patched paper windows, I digitally print these images of Korean “paper” onto paper, and cut, stitch and layer, to create pieced and embroidered works, paying homage to both paper and textile traditions. Recent work combines indigo dyeing with digital print, further blurring the boundaries between fabric and paper.

In the work from 2015, I took inspiration from the beautifully crafted paper funereal garments made in Korea.  For many years I have created work that references the fragility of life and the inevitability of death. This body of work represents the intertwining of several “threads” of my creative process: the seeming fragility of material representing the fragility of life, transformation of materials through surface dye and print processes and the abstraction of the garment form to reference the body (or lack thereof).